Friday, March 11, 2016

March 19th Virginia Tech KTU exhibitor

"Musical Arduino Orchastra"
The first "Musical Arduino Orchastra" focuses on taking real time measurements of light (as input) and programming those values to create tones or music (output). So in this "Arduino Orchastra" YOU are both the composer (through writing code) and the conductor (through shining different lights into the arduino musical device). Sound fun? To get a preview, google the term Theramin.

The second robotic activity starts off with a ready to program robot equipped with a real shooting laser! (safe laser pointer) You can either program him to scurry around the floor to make patterns, intelligently detect obstacles and avoid colliding into them, or use the killer laser attachment detect and shoot things in the room! Come check out and program our killer laser robot!

Rackspace Hosting is the leader in Hybrid Cloud Hosting, the Open Source OpenStack cloud technology suite and is the home of Fanatical Support. The Rackspace offices here in Blacksburg is a Developer center where our programmers create the cloud technologies that power the Internet and the back end of many of the most popular Apps and Internet technologies. Rackspace believes in Open Source and Fanatically supporting the STEM and tech communities in which they reside.
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