Tuesday, November 30, 2010

VSU KTU exhibitors

On Dec. 4th, the following exhibitors from Virginia State University will be coming out to the KTU at VSU program!
  • Dr. Asmare Atalay- Geological stratification model.
  • Mr. Andy Hankins- Alternative agriculture in a changing climate.
  • Mr. Chris Walker- Environs – cape model. Where does the water go?
  • Dr. Edward Sismour- Fish for all climates.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy week at Kids' Tech University

Hi everyone,

This week is a busy week for Kids' Tech University. The 2nd and final KTU event at Virginia State University is Saturday (along with teacher component) and we are gearing up for the opening of registration for the Kids' Tech University spring semester at Virginia Tech! Tomorrow we'll begin posting information about the VSU exhibitors for Saturday; so check back often. We won't be sending reminder emails every but I assure you there will be information on the site everyday!!

If you are interested in the Virginia Tech Kids' Tech University program please see here. We have an entire section set up with FAQ's for parents!

Remember to spread the word about Kids' Tech University! VT KTU spring semester registration is right around the corner!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Virginia State University Teacher Component

For Teachers - CEUs

We are excited to offer CEU's in conjunction with the KTU program. Teachers will learn it, teach it, and take it back to the classroom.

Interact with:
Technology Experts

You will engage in an exciting, hands-on teaching experience, and then apply what you learned in a unique, first-hand teaching environment with 3rd-6th graders. You will also be able to participate in ongoing community blogs and network with other teachers and education specialists.

We are excited to offer CEU (Continuing Education Unit) credits for teachers interested in interactive learning of STEM content.

This program is ideal for elementary and middle school teachers, or others, interested in STEM teaching.

The registration deadline is 1 week before the Wednesday session listed. The class/workshops can be taken as a series or individually. **There is no cost to attend this workshop**

Day 1 (Friday before the KTU Saturday program)
• interact with Scientists, Technology Experts, Engineers, and Mathematicians
• includes a 4-hour interactive hands-on training

Day 2 (day of KTU Saturday program)
• you interact with KTU students at learning stations to deploy what was learned in Day 1
• you watch a lecture given to kids on topics related to Day 1, led by a world renowned research scientist
• you will learn how to incorporate fundamentals and concepts from the lecture and training into your classrooms
Teacher Workshop/Development Class Schedule
The workshop will be held on the Virginia State University campus in Petersburg, Virginia.

"Climate Change Workshop"
Workshop instructors: Dr. Kristy Collins, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) at Virginia Tech and Dr. Kathleen Jamison, Virginia 4-H
December 3, 1:00-5:00pm & December 4, 9am-4:30pm
CEU credits will be offered

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ANDRILL's Adopt a Penguin project

Hi everyone,

Want to adopt a penguin? See here- Penguins

Last week Louise Huffman from the ANDRILL (ANtarctic Geological DRILLing) came to Virginia Tech to lead a Climate Change Student Summit (C2S2) workshop 2. While she was visiting us she told us about this site. My family is "adopting" penguin family number 5. You can follow along with your own penguin family (numbers 1-8).